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Treatment will usually involve a variety of soft tissue techniques working into the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Also articulation and manipulation of relevant joints will be used to try and improve upon their mobility and ranges of motion. In addition to this, stretching and traction of the spine may be carried out. These techniques are designed to improve upon your musculoskeletal health and so reduce your symptoms.

The osteopath may also discuss the possible use of medical acupuncture, which is a very powerful tool to help in the recovery process. It is not appropriate for use in all cases but if your practitioner thinks it will assist in a quicker recovery they will discuss its possible use with you. To find out more please read the section about medical acupuncture.

In addition to any treatment, patients will usually be given exercises designed to further improve their symptoms. These are designed to work with areas such as control of posture, flexibility, core strength and functional use.

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