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For bookings please click here, or go to the Bookings subpage within Telehealth.

What to expect

Telehealth is an online video linked consultation that will allow you to have a face to face meeting from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

This will still allow you to have access to an initial consultation to discuss your presenting problems, as well as allowing me to undertake a functional and movement based assessment to identify the structures involved. From this we can design a personal rehab plan involving exercise, movement drills and pain management advice.

How it works

When you book in for an appointment you will be sent an email with all the details of the booking. This will include confirmation of your appointment time and how to access the video link. 

I am using Zoom, a free to use secure video conferencing app. You will have to download the app onto the device you want to use for the consultation. This can be a phone, tablet or computer. However it will have have an operational camera so that I can view your movements to undertake the assessment. 

Once installed you just have to open the link in the email at the time of the consultation and we will be linked.

What to wear

I would suggest loose clothing that allows good ranges of movement, especially for the area of concern. 

This may be a t-shirt, vest top or similar type of clothing as heavy jumpers and other such layers will limit the ability for me to see your functional movements well. For your lower half any form of trouser, short or legging would be fine. However I ask that you don't wear dresses, especially if you have a lower back or lower extremity issue. Also for standing exams and assessment I would ask you don't wear shoes. 

Where to set up

Where you choose to have you're appointment is up to you. 

I would suggest that you use, if available, a quiet room where there is less chance of interruption. If possible I would try and use an area with enough floor space to be able to carry out some of the rehab exercises. This is not vital as with the Zoom app you can choose to record the video and rematch me demonstrating the exercises. Also a writen copy of any exercises can be sent via email after.

It would be useful if you can try to find a way to prop your phone or tablet so that I can still see you as I may need you to not be holding it to perform some of the assessment. For example, one way might be securing your phone to a tin of beans with an elastic band.

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